Monday, February 22, 2010

Good to be back

My points weren't fantastic this week (63 + posting point = 64, 463 running total), but my bloating subsided and I dropped the pound and a half I'd put on and one more to boot, for a total of 2.5 down this week. I'm down 15.5 total!!!! That's pretty good for nearly two months. At 272.5 I am officially below my pre-pregnant weight for both my pregnancies (Since I got pregnant at 275, it's nothing really to sing about, but hey, it's progress). I would love to be down below 270 by March--2.5 pound left for that mini-goal! Maybe, I can be down a full 20 pounds by then! Okay, I'll quit the weight loss fantasizing. I made it back to my water aerobics class once last week--that class is sooooo good for me. I hope this blizzard is cleared out enough tomorrow that I can go. I'm still overeating at meals somewhat, but I think the fact that I've pretty much completely stopped eating after dinner has made a huge difference. Just think if I stop over-eating during the day too! Imagine the weight pouring off my body . . .

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