Monday, February 8, 2010

Great week until Sunday. Family gathering+food=disaster well not really because I ate a ton of veggies, but I was still full and didn't listen to my body, I ate more veggies and bread. I didn't want to go out to the car and finsh my food log so lost points on Sunday for log, water & exercise. Denise shared her vitamins, I liked them and did feel some more energy this week. I lost 2.8lbs to a total of 12lbs and had 67 points with loss and blog. Total points is 341. My clothes are starting to get loose and I like that, just don't have extra $ to buy some new ones, dang. I will have to go tackel the storage room and see if there is anything buried down there. This week I am going to work on getting my heart up during exercise. I love to walk, but not fast enough to get my heart rate up, I do the elliptical with the same exertion I think I would do better if I put some more heart into it. Hope all of you are doing good and feeling great. Have a great week!

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  1. If you win this challenge, you'll have new clothes money! That's what I keep thinking. But I'm still losing to you . . .