Monday, February 15, 2010

Half way through the challenge and I am still struggling with cravings way bad, haven't given into them, but there are still some things that I really want. Such as the divinity my neighbor brought over for Valentines Day. Yum my favorite! I put some in the freezer so I could have some after the challenge but I really want it now. Aunt Flo is on her way and she is coming with a vengence, I could eat everything in sight. I had 68 points for the week bringing my total to 409. I lost 1.2lbs total loss of 13.2 for the first six weeks. Have a great week everyone.
Take Care,

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  1. Brandi~ That's more than two pounds per week, which is exactly what I've always heard as the recommended amount if you want to keep it off. Good work holding off on your cravings!