Monday, February 15, 2010

Week 6 points

Okay, we're more than half-way through the challenge -- hooray!!! I didn't have the greatest week, probably because I only exercised two days. Ugh! I did hold off on treats for five days, though, and that was a feat considering it was v-day week. And I didn't lose/gain any weight, but since I'm at the point where baby gains .5 pounds per week I'll take that as a weight loss (although I won't give myself the extra point for it since it doesn't show on the scale). My point total for the week is only 60. I've gottta kick up the exercise a notch before I'm totally out of the habit and don't want to do a thing with this big belly. Good luck for the second half of the challenge!

Once everyone has posted for this week I'll post mid-way results. Jennifer, can you let me know what Barb's total is so I can include her, too? Thanks!

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  1. You are great, thanks for the words of support and comfort. At this time in pregnancy, it is so hard to want to do anything but what is absolutly necessary. Way to go with the efforts you are making. I am feeling good that I just got down to what I weighted when I delivered Bridger.