Monday, February 1, 2010

Week, what is this, 4?

Points this week: 64 (plus 2 bonus from last week's post and weight loss=66) Grand total = 268. Weight loss this week = 2.5 lbs --Yay! (weigh in at 273.5)

This week wasn't actually great, though it wasn't terrible by any means either--I was happy to have lost weight at the end. I saw a couple of people ahead of me in points and promised to kick it up and get 10s like all week--not so much. My week got totally away from me--my job overtook my life. But, all things considered, I came out of it pretty good. I'm going to need to do something about this week though--I have a two-day solid business meeting Wed/Thurs in Toledo which are two of the three or four days I normally swim. Not to mention, travel eating isn't always great. Maybe I can get to the pool today. I'm refusing to work more hours than is absolutely necessary because of how many I put in last week, and how many I'm sure to put in Wed/Thurs. I digress. I really need to buy an exercise bike. Any suggestions on brand or anything? Maybe I'll hit the library for some bad aerobics tapes. Does driving to OH and back twice count as exercise? I didn't think so. I'm slowing down on the forced fruit thing. Uggg. I have a bowl of oranges, grapefruit and apples staring me down. But, since I despise fruit so much (that's a little harsh) I'm figuring ways of pulling veggies into breakfast more like V8 with breakfast--yum! My new favorite breakfast--boiled egg sliced on whole wheat toast topped with a whole tomato thickly sliced topped with some pepper and onion jelly (place the tomato slices face down in a frying pan for a minute beforehand and yum!). And my new favorite snack when I'm home and can't stomach an orange or something--this so reminds me of my childhood--dump some frozen green beans in a small saucepan, pour over canned diced tomatoes (home canned ones are PERFECT for this), throw in some chopped garlic (or garlic salt when I'm lazy) and heat for a few minutes. A little fresh ground pepper and/or red pepper and it's a yummy warm snack for these FREEZING cold days. Sundays have been hard too--great firesides the last two weeks, but after eating a late sunday lunch after church (like 2 pm), then add in the hour drive to the stake center for a 6pm fireside, you're not hungry before, but by the time you're home at 9 or 10 pm, it's too late to eat. Last night I solved the dilemma by figuring I had already lost the point either by not eating enough veggies (thank you ward potluck starch fest) or by eating after eight. So, I had my favorite bowl of beans and tomatoes, lost a point, and went to bed. Honestly, it's all good. My husband rolls his eyes when I talk about points and reminds me it's not about the points. Which it isn't. It's about the fact that I've lost neary 15 pound on this and am feeling great. Thanks to Denise and all of you--but I still want to win . ..

Well that was a bit of a big ramble wasn't it . . .

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  1. Way to go! I find that hilarious that you despise fruits as much as I dislike veggies. I keep trying to like fresh tomatoes, but somehow I just can't! But I've tried the veggie dip you recommended, and your way of cooking fresh green beans had me enjoying them for the FIRST time ever. I don't have any tricks on getting you to like fruit -- but I'm enjoying it b/c I can't eat it until after lunch, so it feels like a treat. Great work. Good luck with your biz trip this week!