Monday, November 22, 2010

Claudia's New Beginning

This was also a hard week for me, knowing it was the last one. It would have been easy to rationalize not exercising here and there (with the cold weather), but I stuck to it, used my treadmill and bike and lost back the pound I gained last week, plus another, for a total of 72 points and l6 pounds lost for the challenge. Even though this is the end of the challenge, I look at it as a beginning of my life change. I plan to keep going, and hit the beginning of the year with a renewed vigor. Exercising isn't such a chore anymore, and I've formed better eating habits. I will have a piece of pie on Thanksgiving, but will get right back on the plan and continue through the holidays. It feels so good to be 16 pounds lighter--what would 32 pounds lost feel like??? Thanks Jen, for motivating me to do this with you. It has been life-changing!

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