Monday, November 1, 2010

Jen H. Week 9

Not so great points this week (55 + 2 bounus = 57). But I lost a pound, so no complaining. That's probably because we had a bit of a stomach bug going around the house and nobody felt much like eating anything, let alone exercising. But I did swim on Saturday and I'm going forward, though it looks like my chances of winning this thing are nil. But I need to get back down where I was at the end of the last challenge (6 pounds to go--I can do that in 3 weeks!), then make it through the Holidays and join again to really drop 20. And I'm so excited my mom is in the top 2! No, Denise, you can't have her address (I'll give it to you when you send her prize money) because if she wins, I'll get a nice birthday present!!! But seriously, that makes me happy that she's doing so well. That we're all doing well, prize money or no. Heck $20 is cheaper than weight watchers and this is more effective!

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