Monday, November 22, 2010

Dawn week 12

No weight lost or gained this week. Exactly the same as last week. That's good for me going into this holiday week. So, 71 points this week with a total weight loss of 10.6 pounds and a total of 854 points. My goal was 12 pounds (a pound a week) so I came awfully close and am happy with what I lost. I plan to keep doing everything on the list except writing gratitude every day and I'm sure I'll have a treat here and there. Adding fruits and vegetables as a requirement next time will probably be my biggest challenge but then again, I thought no treats was going to kill me this time and it didn't. Congratulations to those who lost 20 pounds or close to it. That is awesome. I'm really looking forward to starting again in January. Thanks Denise. This has been great.

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