Monday, November 8, 2010

Jennifer B Week 10

I forgot to post last week, or maybe I just did not want to admit how may treats I ate. This week is not much better, but I need the points. I have resigned myself to realizing that I will most likely not win unless some people just plain drop out. I think this is why I have had such an increase in my sweets. My husband reminded me that I have lost weight and that I am looking really good, so even if I don't win the $20 to enter was worth it. I read some of the other peoples post and I realize that I need to finish this thing out strong for myself, not for the money. I really wanted to be down at 190 by the time this challenge was over, but this week I gained weight, and overall I have not been able to get below 191. I know, just one pound, but it still ticks me off. I was doing so well at the beginning that I thought I might even get lower then 190lbs, but I will now be happy if I can just get there. Week 9 points was 62, and week 10 points was 64, for a total of 675 points.

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