Monday, November 8, 2010

Dawn week 10

I just have to keep being strict, it's what works for me. Even my own teammates are trying to sabotage me. This week, "evil" Denise sent her daughter over with a dessert for me at a church son was thrilled when I brought it home and gave it to him :) Another challenge was a celebration with the Polynesian side of the family. If anyone has been to a Polynesian gathering you know it's all about the food. There were desserts everywhere and tons of food. I still wouldn't give in. My highlight this week was when my 12 year old came home from school and said, "Mom, did you get new jeans?" My answer was, "No, I just fit back into a pair I was too fat for", then he told me I looked nice. That's enough to keep me going. Weight loss was 1.8 pounds and points were 72. I'm not going to give up at all.

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