Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Late--but not her fault

I have had a rough week--and am now traveling for the next 2 weeks.  Still banned from exercise, but trying with all the other steps.  I got a pitiful 55 points this week.  Below is the post from Kristine, who sent it to me on time, but I was not able to be online at all yesterday.  So, don't hold it against her--

This week was bad. My poor husband had to put in 80 hours at his first job and and still do 20 hours at the other job, which meant I was a single mom all week. Exercise was hard to get in and I did not eat healthly so I was surprised when I lost half a pound. Nice even if I did not deserve it. 70 points. I have set a goal to lose 4 lbs before this contest ends. So that will make me be better.


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