Monday, January 4, 2010

A few more details ...

So here's who I have signed up for the challenge to date:
- Denise
- Brandi
- Melissa
- Jennifer B.
- Jennifer P.
- Gwen
- Marilee
- Christy

Okay, here are a few more details about how this works:

- Scores are kept from Monday through Sunday. Every Monday (starting next week) you will report the number of points you have earned by doing a post on this blog. (You should have all received invites to be authors for the blog. Let me know if this isn't the case and we'll figure it out.)
- You get one extra point for posting on the blog every Monday.
- You get one extra point if you lost any weight (not a point per pound, but a point total for any weight loss.)
- These extra points should be added to the next week's score. (It doesn't really matter too much which week you add it to, as long as you only add it once. :)
- Treats are going to be personally defined. You all know what you consider treats.
- You're all on your honor -- it's the only way this challenge can work.
- Don't forget to send me your money in by the end of week 4 so you're eligible for the pot. (And if you get it in by the end of week 2 you get 5 bonus points.)
- You are responsible to keep track of your own points throughout the challenge. This is why posting on the blog is a good idea -- then at the end you can just go back to your posts and add up the total.
- Total points must be posted by March 31, 2010 so that the winner can be announced by April 1, 2010. (Keep in mind I'm due April 1, so if there is a slight delay it doesn't mean the money isn't going to the winner ... it just means it's still sitting in an envelope while I'm a little busy in the hospital or something. :)

GOOD LUCK!!! I'm happy to have you all aboard. I need the accountability to eat healthier and to exercise more. I better go get started. :)


  1. Hey! Wait a second! I thought I added myself in last night, but somehow my comment disappeared!! I'm in too. Can I send you the $15 via paypal? You have my email, but just in case, it's

  2. We'd love you to join, Jen! I'll send you rights to be an author. I don't have paypal (very old-fashioned, huh?) so just send it to my address:
    1323 S. 2950 E. in Spanish Fork (you know the state) 84660.

    And Barbara Drake is also joining - I just need to get her e-mail to add her as an author as well. Good luck!!!

  3. Hi everyone,
    Thank you Denise for thinking about me. I'll be following along and looking for encouragement. ;)

  4. I am not a blogger and am not sure how to really do this, however, I will be sure to get you $ before the end of week 2, I will need all the extra points I can get! I will think about a story more exciting than I am a chew addict. It isn't that I can't go without food, I can't go without chewing. Thus I eat to chew and I "chews" to get fatter!
    Best wishes to all of you! Brandi