Monday, January 18, 2010

Week two comes to a close. Each January my DH and I set a goal to go the month without treats. This means sugar mostly because we really don't drink carbonation or eat fast food a lot. The first week was really hard esp after all the holiday cravings, however this week was easier. My weakness right now is salt. I fulfill my cravings with popcorn. It is basically fat free and I spray on the zero cal I can't believe it's not butter, however I really like the salt on it. It needs to be my next cut out. I am liking the exercise when I do it, but I really don't like the build up to do it. Like now, I have been dressed to exercise for over an hour and I have done laundry, cleaned a room and now playing on the net. Oh Brandi, just do it. I ended the week with losing 6lbs. I will take that. Points for the week were 67. That includes Monday blog and weight loss. I missed a few exercise days, went to the movie, ate popcorn, serious calories so I counted that as a treat and had a day of not eating all my fruits and veggies. My goal was not to lose more than 5 points a week, so far Ok. Hope all had a good and successful week. Brandi


  1. I am so the same about exercise!!! I'll be dressed for like two hours and find other chores I need to do before exercise. Sigh ... :)

  2. Yay for 6 pounds! I have a popcorn solution for you. Air pop your corn, then sprinkle with a little lime juice, or lemon juice and just a bit of salt. Fantastically good, low fat and tastes better than the heavy butter and salt (in my opinion anyway).