Monday, January 11, 2010

Jen H - Week One

Point total - 66 Points
This has been a great thing for me. The accountability is sooo helpful. I feel great, I feel motivated. I've lost weight (actually, quite a good amount, since I started taking my bp medicine again--love the diuretics, but that evened out after the first day of non-stop peeing). I figure I lost about 5-6 pounds of water due to the diuretic, and 1.5-2.5 beyond that, for a total of 7.5 (that's this week only, I'll enjoy it this once, because it wont happen again--I'll probably lose 1-2 pounds if I keep this up). In the process, I've discovered a few things:

1) Although after seeing a nutritionist for several months a while back, I got pretty good at keeping a food journal, we focused mainly on keeping a good balance between my carbohydrates and proteins. And since I love vegetables (we counted fruits as carbohydrates) and I could essentially eat as many veggies as desired, I didn't focus on counting them. What I've realized this week in shooting for a minimum veggie/fruit requirement, is that I eat fewer than I thought. I mean, I generally get my four a day, sometimes more, I just really had to watch it--some days I barely squeaked in my four. The dining hall re-opens from winter break today, so despite it's drawbacks, the plus is that there is a salad bar at lunch and dinner and getting my veggies should be easier. I still need to work on the fruit thing. I just don't like fruit all that much. I really need to be in the mood. This week I've been forcing myself every now and again when I know I'm kinda short on my 4 a day to pick up an apple or orange. I'll keep working on that.

2) I'm a big water drinker--I rarely drink anything else, so again, I've always just assumed I get at least 8 glasses a day in--actually, I figured I get a lot more. This exercise has proven to me that I usually just barely get 8. Some days in the past I've probably gotten less, as there were a couple of days this week I really had to push to get the 8.

3) Since my days with my nutritionist (and after reading a fantastic book called Intuitive Eating--you should check it out), I've tried to teach myself to listen to my body cues--eat when I'm hungry, stop when I'm full--and avoid rules about time and treats and such. So, I was a bit concerned about the "No eating after 8" and the "No Treats" rule because I do believe that if we restrict ourselves and as such, feel deprived, this builds into an explosion and binge. So, I've tried to go into this challenge with no expectations of 100% points every day. If I'm really hungry after 8, I give myself permission to have a snack, and dock a point. Likewise for a treat. If I really want it, I give myself permission to have it, and dock a point. One point does not a contest lose. And you know what? This week I have had no "treats" and have not felt compelled to snack after 8. Through this I've realized that I'm really not usually hungry at night, I'm just tired and have a habit of eating. Even if I'm mildly hungry, I've found that going to bed mildly hungry I sleep better and wake up happier. Whereas if I eat before bed, I'm uncomfortable trying to go to sleep and I usually wake up starving and cranky. Likewise, I've always claimed to be able to pass up sweets--and this is usually true, unless there are large amounts of chocolate involved. But, just because I can pass it up, doesn't mean I do. I tend to eat it anyway because I believe I shouldn't make myself feel deprived. So, this contest has been great in that it gives me a good reason to pass it up--I'm reserving the right to eat a treat if it's really fantastic and worth that point, not on mindless junk that I would have eaten just because I could. And the best part--I don't feel deprived, at least not yet.

I also got to the pool twice this week--instead of my usual once. And I bought the extra class pass for the month, so to make it worthwhile, I have to do at least four classes--but I can do unlimited. So, I'm excited to have a good excuse to try out the weekday water aerobics. I'm planning on putting my youngest in their childcare and doing the Tue & Thurs am classes, in addition to my usual Wed and Saturday laps. And the other days will get to be filled in with Bollywood and Bellydance. I can't do canned aerobics tapes, but I've been getting into these two dance workouts. My three-year-old loves to do them with me. "Mommy, can we bellydance?" and they're just fun. I'm also sort of craigslisting for a stationary bike. I hate to buy equipment that takes up a lot of space and may go unused, but I'm looking for something I can do when I all I feel like doing is sitting around reading--at least I can pedal and read--and work toward that Triathalon! (some day, right?). Also, I'm hoping to take the kids sledding a couple of times this week. I tried playing in the snow with them once this week, but didn't feel good counting it as I was only out there barely 30 minutes and certainly didn't get my heartrate up for over about 15 of that. Maybe a good hour of sledding and hiking up that hill will count.

That's all for me--Sorry to be so long winded, but this helps me.

Denise did you get my $$, so I can add my bonus points?


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  1. I am really clueless on this post thing. I will need some lessons so I am posting on Jens comments because I can't figure out how to post. If I knew computers I would be able to take care of the FB worm that has taken over my hard drive at home, don't fear, I am posting from work. I thought I did good this week point total was 73 with the paying on time bonus. I exercised 5 days, kept food diary, no sugar etc. however I only ended the week with 1/2lb loss. I was optimistic that 2010 was going to look better however, the dryer broke on New Years Day, kids are sick, computer has a virus and work didn't post my HSA $ so can't pay the racked up medical bills from Kams broken arm. Feeling down and out today, hope the week looks up.