Monday, January 25, 2010

I am so pathetic. I got on the scales and only had a loss of 4/10th of a lb. So I exercised and got on again and this time it was a 1 lb loss. I wasn't going to end the week seeing only 4/10th so now I can count a whole lb. I am at the point where the treats don't really bother me, it is the chewing addiction I really need to overcome. I love to chew, gum, carrots and popcorn are filling in the gaps right now however, I really need to recognize that weakness and address it. Since I already took a multi and calcium each day and I don't drink carbonation I am planning on introducing a more challenging point for those each day. One is going to address emotions behind the eating. What are the circumstances that lie behind the need to eat or fulfill a craving at that moment and the other is going to be personal scripture time, I find that I am only getting by with the minimum and not putting forth an effort to improve my spiritual self. My running totals are Wk 1 73 pts + wk 2 67 pts + wk 3 65 pts + 205. Starting weight was 217.6 today 210.6 7 lb total loss. My affirmation for the week is : Food is but a memory, a sample introduces a want for more and Satan leads us by a flaxen cord or a licorice rope. :) I admit I have had a clearer mind and felt stronger these past few weeks than I have felt in a long time. Have a wonderful and prosperous week ladies!

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