Monday, January 18, 2010

Week 2 points

I had a much better week this week! I ended the same as Jen -- 66+1+1+5 = 73 points. I also lost one pound this week. I'm thinking that'll be my last "easy" pound to lose and that I'll have to up the intensity of my exercise a little bit to lose any more this week. I felt I did really well in exercising five days this week. That's huge for me!

One day I popped in a cookie without even thinking about it. Then half-way through I realized I just lost a point. How dumb with the non-thinking eating! (Of course, then I had to have a second to make the point worth it.) Then on Thursday I went to the store and they had Dreyers Girl Scout Samoas ice-cream on sale for $2. Seriously?!? That yummy ice-cream for that low price? I bought three. But the good news is that I've only had one small bowl one day since then, and I made sure to eat it before 8 p.m. (Not only good for this challenge, but better for my blood sugar.) I figure if I can have the willpower to not eat that every day, then I am maybe stronger than I thought. :)

Last night for dinner we tried Jen's suggestion for green beans. They were delicious. Thanks, Jen. I've never been a green beans fan, but I've always had canned. These were SO MUCH better! And I was surprised to find fresh green beans still at the supermarket. (I probably paid more with it being the middle of winter, but how would I know since I've never bought them before? :)

Anyway, I better get off and exercise to get my point today. Good luck to you all this week!

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