Monday, January 4, 2010

An intro to me ...

I loved that Christy put an introduction to herself. I know many of the people involved with this challenge, but I will put an intro anyway ...

I think Gwen (who started this blog) has known me the longest, and she can tell you that I've never been a skinny minny. In fact, I've never been thin. I was horrible about skipping lunch starting in middle school (is that where we met, Gwen?) so I could pocket the money for Teen Beat. I know, so worth it, right? :) Then I'd come home and eat whatever was handy (ie not healthy). This all added up to chunky teen years and beyond. I'd be the one on the Biggest Loser who tried to eat too little and ended up gaining. Sigh.

I am with Christy in not liking pics of myself. This is one reason I make sure I'm often the one with the camera. The funny thing is, though, that as I gain more weight I look back at old pictures and realize I didn't look THAT bad back then.

I'll post one here anyway -- I have make-up on so it's not as bad as others, but don't you just LOVE the rolls you can see? Without any chest to support that big stomach I constantly look pregnant. (Of course, now I am, but how can you tell since I look exactly the same?! :)

Good luck to us all in feeling better about ourselves by the end of this challenge. I am happy to have friends involved from so many aspects of my life (high school, mission, Seattle single days, Seattle married days, current Utah ward, and the only other woman in the world who can understand my MIL issues. :)

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