Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday Update

Jan 25 (Elliot is 4 today!): 61 + 2 last week's bonus = 63 Combined total: 202
Not my best week, but I shouldn't complain considering my son got sick so I couldn't take him to the childcare at the Y and hence I didn't swim as much as I'd planned. Oh, and then there was the night we went out for his birthday (and I overate) and then stayed up late decorating his cake and snitching the frosting (after 8 of course) and forgot my vitamin--so at least it was all pretty much on one bad day. And I really can't complain because I lost three pounds despite it. So, life is good. I'm very happy with this challenge and can't figure out how come it took this to motivate me and I've been unsuccessfully trying to remotivate for 2 years now. Oh well, I suppose I shouldn't ask too many questions, just be happy with what is working. I'm already starting to feel the weight loss in my clothes. If you count the initial water-weight I lost (which makes me feel better of course), I'm down a total of 12 pounds to 276!!! Yay! I hope you do another challenge after this, because regardless, I'll have a lot left to lose come April.


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