Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Jennifer B intro

My name is Jennifer B, and I am Denise’s sister-in-law. I weighed in yesterday at 213lbs, and I am 5’11”. I played basketball in high school, and was generally pretty active. When I left for college instead of gaining the freshman 15, I lost about 20 because I did not like the food they served in the cafeteria, and had no money to buy anything else. Starvation is not the healthiest way to lose weight. I also did not have a vehicle, so I walked all over the small town my university was in. At 19 I looked my absolute best and I was in great shape. I moved to Florida, and met my husband. He started taking me out to eat all the time and the pounds started sticking to me. I still looked pretty good when we got married, but it all went up in pounds from there. I gained 40lbs when I was pregnant with my first, and had only lost 20lbs before getting pregnant again and gaining another 40lbs. I gave birth to 4 children in four years, you do the math, and it comes out to a lot of pounds gained.

My ideal healthy weight is 180lbs, but I will be happy to get down to 190lbs, and just feel better. I want to be active and healthy. My fourth just turned a year old, and I need to get rid of all this baby weight. I am hoping that this challenge will help me stick to my goals, and keep me motivated. Hopefully I will use the prize money to buy some new skinny Capri’s (it is hot here, and I hardly ever wear jeans).

I have chosen to post this picture of myself because it shows the area where I need the most work. I tend to lose weight first in my face, then my waist, but never in my hips or butt.

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  1. I think being a mom is hard for the waistline because we are thinking about food all day in the way of menus and cooking. My entire day seems to evolve around what I should make for breakfast, lunch, dinner and then cooking. If I'd like to just have a yogurt and half a sandwich that doesn't always jive with what I should do for the children. I dunno... just my issue maybe. If I want to jump up and go to the gym I can't always work that out either. Are these excuses, maybe. I remember when we lived in Florida I had lots of capris so that is funny.