Monday, January 25, 2010

week 3!

Wow I did much better this week! 65 points! I excersized a lot more and ate better. We even had a birthday party and I had no cake! It is amazing how strong I feel when I can say no to sugar. I am having definate trouble at night. I want to snack and get hungry before bed, any sugestions? I have now lost 5 pounds and feeling better in my jeans! Woho.

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  1. Try eating an orange for a night snack. Or yogurt? Maybe if you buy a special something -- even if it's not unhealthy -- and only allow yourself to eat it at night it'll become a treat. I used to make myself a smoothie after putting the kids to bed. But the longer you go without an evening snack, the easier it gets, too. :) Glad you're doing well!