Monday, January 18, 2010

Wall of Shame

As promised, and just so you all can feel better about yourselves--here are a couple of pictures my mother-in-law took this summer (thanks much Merilee). I could have sworn I deleted these. If this isn't motivating I don't know what is. It'll be nice to have these on this blog where I can refer to them when I need to.

First, here is a lovely picture of my backside (Elliot's in this one too, per your request Denise).

And here is me at the lake in my swimsuit. It's nice to know this is what I look like when in my water-aerobics class. (Ethan and Elliot are both in this one Denise--Ethan's wearing the snorkel, Elliot's on the raft).

And here's two years ago when I was down nearly 30 pounds--not great, but much better than today--it'd be nice to be close to this again when this contest is over. ARRGGG!!! How much does it suck to loose the same weight multiple times?

That's really all for me--but that's more than enough, really.

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  1. Ha! The two years ago are exactly how I remember your kids ... and maybe your FIL, too ... :)