Monday, January 25, 2010

Week 3 points

I did well this week with 65 points (63 +1 +1). So why in the world did I gain three pounds? I'm going to attribute that one to little baby Austin, because I definitely feel and look more pregnant than I did two weeks ago. However, I will continue to try to workout, because I notice that the more I feel pregnant the harder it is to exercise. I exercised only three days, and I felt much better on those days knowing I accomplished something -- even if it wasn't as rigorous as my normal exercise. I also had treats two days, but I made sure to keep that in check. Even if I lose the point I figure I should keep the calories down. My friend checked out some pregnancy DVDs from the library for me, and that's giving me a kick to do some exercising while making fun of the women on the tapes. I've got a few more to make fun of while exercising, so hopefully that'll help me get a few more points this week. We've had two stress reliefs in the past few days, too (insurance and refinance), so hopefully that'll curb a few more of my treat urges ....

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  1. Hi Denise, i just wanted to thank you again for getting me started last fall. I recently joined a group supported by my local city and I've learned a lot. The have a blog I wanted to share, Also has tons of healthy recipies. Good luck with your journey and pregnancy.