Monday, September 6, 2010

Leslies Check in

I got 59 pts this week (53+5+1). The one thing that was a killer was eating dinner after 8. And then yesterday was a killer too. I didnt drink all my water, I forgot about the vitamin and didnt exercise. But dang it ! Im goimg to do better!!! Im down 2.2 lbs. Had a few flucuations in the week but that is what Im down since starting.

REVISED!! Its a good thing I went and looked over my journal again. I had totally missed a day. I was wondering why I was so far behind on points when I didnt think I did THAT bad. So Im revising my points to add a day I missed. My points actually are 62+5+1 so a total of 68. Phew. Now I can sleep better tonight.

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