Sunday, September 5, 2010

Final list of participants?

Okay, I've heard bits and pieces about people joining, so I thought I better figure out who really is in! This is who I have participating in the challenge:

- Jennifer Hoisington*
- Claudia Kunz*
- Lee Rittinger*
- Sylvia Palmer*
- Rachel Barahona*
- Denise Brown
- Tania Knutson Palica*
- Dawn Rokovitz*
- Leslie Hendricksen*
- Melissa Laing*
- Wendy Patterson*
- Brandi Adams*
- Lisa Montes*
- Kristine Lawler
- Jessica (Tilahun?)
- Holly Ann Barney
- DeAnn Brown
- Jenn McElligott
- Gwen Mauldin
- Jennifer Brown

*Already paid

If you haven't sent in your money yet, go ahead and do it now, because you'll want those five bonus points! :) You have one more week to get the five bonus points by sending in your money, so do it!!!

Don't forget to post your numbers tomorrow so you can get a bonus point to add to the following week's points. And for anyone interested, you can click on the right-hand side to follow the blog and get updates via e-mail when anything is posted. :)

Good luck!

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