Monday, September 13, 2010

Jen H. Week 2

This week I did well in points, but managed to gain half a pound. I'm convinced last Sunday's fasting threw me a curve ball and I really didn't loose 6.5 pounds last week, it just looked like it on Monday. Oh well, such is life. My points for the week are 70 (69 + 1 bonus for posting last week), giving me a two week total of 144. So, I'm pleased, but need to step it up some more on intensity. I've realized that I can go through the motions and get the points, and will generally lose weight (fasting curve ball aside), it's only when I step up the exercise and make better food choices, that I can really step up the weight loss. I only got in the pool once last week and that was with my kids and I just did some water aerobics next to them while they played, and didn't kick up the intensity like I usually do for water aerobics. And in the pool is where most of my weight loss happens, I'm convinced. This week the pool is closed for maintenance, so maybe I'll have to break out the exercise tapes to shake up the exerbike routine. I did get on my real bike this week and lapped the lake (6 miles) once in 30 minutes. I intend to be able to lap the lake twice in 40 minutes by the time this challenge is over!!! I almost had a perfect points week (despite celebrating my 10 year anniversary! - I had a yummy brownie my husband made! and it was worth it!). Here's the secret to not overdoing the treat when you give in and have a treat point: have the treat at 7:55 pm. Then you know if you have another, you'll lose a second point, so you stop. Worked with the brownies!

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  1. Awesome idea for the treat!!! And happy anniversary. We're celebrating that next month (a month early) and I already know I'll lose 3 or 4 points, so I've gotta kick it until then (and after!).