Monday, September 13, 2010

Check In Week Two....

A little discouraged this week! I thought I did pretty awesome but Im only down .2 lbs. :( So Im not going to count that as a loss this week. Ive exercised every day. Didnt read my scriptures at the retreat...but resisted treats there. WOOT WOOT! So Im proud of that. My points this week are 67+1 for posting today (Im just going to add it to this weeks so I can keep track of it. Hope thats ok)
Two week total is 136

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  1. Leslie, a loss is a loss. You should give yourself a point for it even if it's small. Don't be discouraged. If you know you did well and the scale doesn't show it, celebrate what you did lose. All of the .2's will add up over time even if that's all that happens. Pat yourself on the back and don't let it get you down. Give yourself that point. You deserve it. Dawn