Monday, September 6, 2010

1 week down--

I didn't intro myself--Jessica. I live in VA and have no kids. I travel a lot for work, internationally, so jet lag and crazy eating is part of my life.  This week has shown me weekends are going to be the hardest--I was GREAT until the weekend. An invite to dinner on Friday just started it off--For me the hardest is getting exercise in with work and life. I am recording my foods on I like recording AND seeing how I'm doing on calories etc.  You can track your weight and exercise as well--and it lets you know your "deficit" calories for the day. Its awesome.

I'm excited to report I lost 5 pounds this week and earned 54 points.  The bulk of those Mon-Thursday, but there's always next week! Hope you all have a great healthy holiday!

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  1. I am having problems posting so I am just going to comment on my sister's post. I did pretty good this week. I got better as the week went along. My biggest problem is exercise since I have 3 small children and my husband works odd hours so I can't get out to exercise. (I like walking.) So I got creative. One day I mowed my lawn with the walk behind instead of the rider. We have a big lawn so that took an hour. Of course that only works twice a week so I am still working on the others. Anyway I got 59 pts this week and lost 2 lbs. I am happy with the weight loss I figure anything lost is better than gained. :)