Monday, September 13, 2010

Week 2 points

I had two major successes this week, which I'm going to enjoy even though I ended the week .4 pounds higher than last week. What's up with that when I was so good? (Actually, I know it's because I didn't eat enough Saturday and Sunday -- I neglected my snacks and I think that makes a difference! I was down 1.6 pounds on Friday and then the weekend of neglect (not overeating) did me in ...)

Anyway, back to my successes. First success was that I had a Relief Society retreat (sleepover) where there are tons of goodies. They had a bunch of women bring cobbler (some with fresh berries from their gardens -- yummy!) and licorice and chocolate and I better stop there. I didn't eat one of 'em! (That was thanks to Leslie saying beforehand we weren't going to lose ANY points.) I felt powerful knowing I could go and NOT eat any of the goodies.

Success #2 came Saturday morning (which is why I didn't sleep at the retreat). I ran a 5k. Never done that before. Okay, I didn't run the whole thing, but I did it! It was hard for three reasons: 1) I'm totally out of shape; 2) It was really cold, so my lungs were burning pretty quickly (and I was coughing all day afterward); and 3) The wind was blowing really hard against me! But I did it!!! I completed it in 42 min 43 sec. (I also feel the need to say I stopped for a couple of minutes to get a downed flag off of the ground ... when I couldn't get it back into the ground to stand up I took it up and leaned it against a house. But it was worth it. Gotta honor the flag of freedom!)

Anyway, I also did well on the challenge and hope my body is just adjusting and will lose more this week. I still can't complain since I lost nearly 6 pounds last week. :) I got 76 points this week (since I put my money in this week and got the points for weight loss last week and posting last Monday). Hope it's an even better week (weight loss!) this week. :)

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  1. Great job Denise, I am glad you and Leslie decided ahead of time to lose a point, it helped me too.