Monday, September 13, 2010

No chocolate cake!

I went to Magleby's this weekend with some friends. We were invited after a temple session, which ended after 8pm. My husband and I went along for the friendship. The other three couples ordered full dinners and then had the huge piece of four layer chocolate cake. My husband had a slice of pie. I watched everyone! No chocolate cake for me...and it paid off with a 2.2 pound weight loss today. I lost points this week on Labor day with a treat and some overeating, a late dinner after a football game and a night where I was just too tired to read scriptures. My total this week is 68 points with weight loss and blog posting last week. The water is really helping to keep me from munching during the day and I'm really surprised how well I'm doing without treats. My skirt fit better this week and that made it worth it. Looking forward to more of my clothes fitting comfortably.

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