Monday, September 13, 2010

Lee's Week 2

After 1 week, I lost 4 pounds. Yea! Now that it has been 2 weeks, I gained 1 pound back this week. I knew that this past weekend was going to present some eating roadblocks, as I was going to be going to an annual event that I LOVE!! So, I felt the sacrifice was worth it to me. Plus I did some overeating over the weekend, that didn’t help. But this week I must be more diligent. I’ve struggled with getting the exercise thing going much, so this week I’ve got to improve. I’ve enjoyed this challenge and it has really surprised me how much willpower I do possess. Some things that would have been hard for me to do have actually been pretty easy and I don’t even think anything of it. That’s been great!
So, my points for the week are 58 (including one bonus point for last week's blog).

Published for Lee by Jen H.

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