Monday, September 27, 2010

Wendy's weekly report

Hi all,

I was in the middle of a family vacation/reunion last Monday without internet access or scales. But I'm back now and fairly proud of my past couple of weeks. I didn't get terribly high scores, but made great strides in my own personal willpower battles. We had tons of food and lots of desserts throughout the reunion and I was able to go through it without having the treats! Yesterday we had a family Sunday dinner with rich chocolate mousse that looked oh so yummy and I didn't have any of it and still enjoyed myself at the dinner. I am very excited that I was able to do that. I've been exercising consistently, except for the days that we were in the car literally from before sunrise to before sunset. I think there was only one of those travel days that I ate after 8 PM. I've lost a total of nine pounds since we started, and I'm happy about that. Last week's points were 64 and this week's points are 57, with a total of 237 so far.

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