Monday, September 7, 2009

Week 1 - 50 points

O.k. So I started out last week doing great. Mid week came and I let my busy life interrupt my exercise, then I spent the last two days laying flat as I hurt my back to the point i couldn't move. I let the pain get to me and gave up on everything, I raided the house for sweets and I'm sure my blood sugar sky rocketed as a result. I'm still looking froward to this. My back is doing much better today and I'm actually walking and moving. I plan on a mild exercise routine tomorrow and I will return to my healthier eating habits today. So sitting there in pain I realized that stress is my weakness trigger. i allow it to overtake me and I give up on my exercise and eating goals, at which point I conclude that I've "Failed" and I'll start anew some other time. This group is really what I'm looking for. Someone that I have to share my accountability with. So this week I only scored 50 points. Not bad considering the pain this weekend.
By the way I don't post pictures of me so this took a lot of courage for me to post. My starting weight was 185. No weight loss or gain this week.

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  1. Jennifer I am right there with you. When I'm stressed(like starting school this week and wondering how I will fit everything into a schedule) then I head for the kitchen. Then the exercise goes with it and I tell myself I will start over next Monday. I also hate taking pictures and posting pictures of myself. I'm glad you joined!!!