Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Will this ever get easier?

Okay, my points for the week 45. Not great and I wanted to eat way too much. Moderation in all things, except I don't want moderation. I have the constant debate with myself...do I try to eat regular food and count calories or do I do a strict lower carb diet. I lose control too much when I eat regular food, but I also want to give up when I am too strict. Why does this have to be such a struggle for me? I have no more judgement for people who have addictions. You know all the reasons why you should stop, and yet you don't feel like you can.

I am not trying to be negative, just real and honest. This will always be the biggest struggle of my life. We had a family dinner and I was noticing that my brother-in-law always orders some healthy dish like salmon and veggies or chicken and veggies. I asked him if he is doing that to be healthy or if he just really does want that instead of the cheesy, fried, heavier food. He said that is really what he likes and it isn't because he is trying to choose healthier items. I am just not that way. If I am having success, I am constantly feeling deprived of all the foods that I want to eat. I wonder if it will ever get easier. This is an addiction for me.

I will try to find some positive things to think about. I do like my fruits and veggies. I just like them with the bad stuff. I will look at the points I am missing and work on just a small goal.


  1. Definitely change the small things, and you'll notice a difference. I'm like you -- will I ever NOT crave ice-cream, brownies and french fries? However, I did have one time in my life when I was eating really well, and I noticed it was much easier to "shut off" my eating with just a little bit, and that greasy foods really did make me feel gross. They do this on the Biggest Loser at least once a season, and people get so grossed out by what they used to eat that they even get glazed-over eyes. I think this is very much like an addiction, and it's hard since we can't just stop eating altogether. However, with little changes here and there, I think anyone can do it. I had a smoothie last night that didn't taste very good b/c I was trying to make it healthy, so maybe we should share recipes as well that are healthy AND yummy ...

    Good luck. And thanks for being real. This isn't all peaches and cream ... although for this challenge we'd better leave off the cream anyway! ;)

  2. Aubrey~ One other thought: 45 points means you did 45 things to better your health this week. Try to focus on what you did do (45 things) instead of what you didn't do, and hopefully that'll help you be more optimistic. :)

  3. The biggest thing I've noticed about having to go on a low sugar/carb diet (health reasons) is that after a while you don't crave those things anymore. Someone once told me that the fried fatty foods change and kill my taste buds and as long as I continue to eat those I will continue to crave those and they are right. The less of those I eat the less I crave. But I still crave them.

    But you already have the right idea moderation in all things. It just takes a while to get there. I know I can't jump from my current calorie intake to the 1600 caloriesthe Dr. told me to get to overnight. I'ld feel like I was starving and overeat the first chance I got.

    Think back how long did it take you to gain this wieght? Even with 4 babies it took me 7 years to put on this weight. I hope to get it off in less than 7 years, but I know that there is no way I'll even be able to get it off in a month.

    Just by working on this you are doing great. You earned 45 points. Don't beat yourself up. You'll get there and when you look back you'll realize that all this hard work was worth it. And it is hard work.