Thursday, September 24, 2009

still thinking about it

Thanks Amber for your comments. I am about 80% decided and 20% still thinking about it. I feel much better after setting up my first appt. with the surgeon (still to come). He is a transplant surgeon and was getting a lot of his patients rejected because of their weight. So he started doing the gastric bypass. Dr. Belnap has very few complications from his surgeries and he is considered to be one of the best. He also does the removal of excess skin when the surgery is done. I would still need to find a different surgeon to fix my breasts, unless I learn to love the flat pancake look!

My mother has known people who have had the surgery and the ones that maintain their success really do change the way they eat for the long term. I am even considering doing weight watchers for maintenance. Along with this blog. I have to have my support plan in place to keep the weight off.

I need to lose 20 pounds before the surgery. Exercise is a must. I am thinking 30 min. of walking or 30 min. of bike riding in my house. I will just have to make the time.

I would like to know the success rate of people you know who have had the surgery. Some people do maintain and some don't. Trying to get prepared to really committ to this major change.

I got 40 points for the week because I haven't been doing my food journal. I am trying not to get buried in my kid's problems with grades, behavior, needs, etc. Life is a challenge sometimes.

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