Monday, September 7, 2009

Week one 50 points

Let's just say that this week was hard for me. I'm still trying to find that groove where I can fit in everything. Going back to school has been just a bit stressful. I found myself grabbing for the goodies as I did my homework this week( which evened out my points to zero since my personal goal was to not procrastinate my homework 1 point, having a treat minus 1 point). I stress eat and that is something I will need to over come. I also found it hard to remember to eat on Tuesday and Thursday because they are my busiest days. Then when I get home it is straight for the refrigerator to consume whatever I can find. My weight right now is at 231. I lost twenty pounds initially when we started the blog and I've been stuck there ever since. I will be getting my butt into gear and taking off some weight this week. I need to get back to doing my intervals each night and so that will be my goal for this week, that and no more soda(which is weird because I went like 4 months with out one and then started up again). I will take the time to get on that treadmill and succeed in running those intervals. Good Luck for the up coming week, hope we can all do a little better than we have.

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