Monday, September 28, 2009

week 4 is out the door ...

This was a stressful week of unsuccessfully potty training my toddler! Do you know how much that makes me want to eat treats?!? I did pretty well, even passing up the warm chocolate chip cookies my teen made last night. I missed a couple of days of exercising and a couple of days of my personal goal (what's up with that?!?), so I ended the week with 64 points. I was naughty on Saturday and had a donut and Blizzard from DQ. LOVE blizzards! But it means I ended the week with +1 pound. Really? From one day of two indulgences? So sad ... but I'll try to be better this week. It's hard to keep momentum for long for me, but I'll try!


  1. Remeber stress can make it so your body holds onto it's weight. If your stessing about the potty training (I always did) then that might have helped with the gain as weel. Good luck with the potty training!

  2. No joke about stress -- our house addition also added about 17 pounds onto me!!! (I'm still 5 pounds away from getting that off!)