Monday, January 24, 2011

Cheryl - 3 for 3

Thanks to my written check list of things to do to earn points, I have another 72 and am down another 2 lbs! I would probably have lost a point or two if I did not stick to my checklist. That's what is keeping me in line. There have been a couple days that I would have forgotten to say something positive about myself in the mirror if I did not review my checklist before going to bed. I was at a small wedding Thursday night, and they had some of the best looking cupcakes there that I've ever seen. I told the girl who made them that I did NOT want the recipe, but instead I just want her to make them for me on March 28th! I can still see them in my head. They smelled so good too. As she was putting the leftovers back into her take-home container, some frosting got on her thumb. I must admit that I swiped it off her thumb and had a taste - but hey, that's less than 100 calories, so I'm okay!! (It was really good too, by the way).

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