Monday, January 10, 2011

Week 1 Points

Well, I had hoped to start of perfect, and that didn't happen. I barely lost weight (but at least I lost) and missed exercise a few days. Why is exercise so hard for me? Maybe because I have five kids and am running around all day anyway in a non-exercise kind of way??? Hmmm .... still gotta get to it ...

Anyway, I got 65 points. I think the hardest thing for me was to remember to compliment myself. Should be the easiest, so maybe that's why I almost forgot every day. I even had to get out of bed one night before I feel asleep to go do it.

** Bonus points: A word about bonus points. People seem to be confused about how to add them in. I don't care if you add this previous week's points to last week's total or next week's total. Do whatever works for you -- just make sure you only add them once. I add them to next week's total since I don't weigh or post until Monday and in my mind the points end on Sunday. This leaves me with two sets of bonus points for the final post, but that's what works in my mind. Either way is just fine -- it all equals out in the end if everyone only adds them once.

** Entry fees: I'll post in a day or so whose money I have received thus far. Let me know if you are wondering if I've received yours.

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  1. Hi Denise. For some reason I am unable to post a comment of my own. I could only comment on someone else's comments. Well, here is my posting even though it's late. One week down and how many more to go? I really thought it would be easier but I slacked yesterday! I'll do my best to be better this week. :) Emmy