Monday, January 31, 2011

Week 4- The horrible week continues

Anyone that has had small children knows how horrible the flu/cold season is. We had the flu last week and this week it has been a not fun cold! Walking up the stairs wipes me out, so exercise was out. Also eating was hard so getting my veggie's didn't happen. :( I am feeling better to day and I am recommited to working hard this week. I did lose 1/2 a lb most likely because I hardly ate. I will do better on the treats thing because I have a 13 year old neice who has been put on a restricted diet for 3 months. She can't eat any sugar and just about everything else you can think of, so everytime I am tempted to eat sugar I think of her and it helps. And a note to Wendy- last challenge (and this one) I have not seen results on the scale. I started measuring my waist, hips and chest every week I was losing inches! Just remember muscle weighs more than fat. Pts for the week 48.

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