Monday, January 10, 2011

Week 1 Dawn

Rough week! I could blame it on the bleak weather, the fact that I really don't like fruits and vegetables, difficulties with my 19 year old (anyone want to adopt a 19 year old with disorders??Anyone?? Seriously! I didn't think so). But I suppose it was just my own darn fault with not being tough on myself and making myself do what I should. There were some days where I would get in 3 servings of F/V but not four and lose the point. Eating the 4th serving would have pushing me into the "over eat" mode so I just lost the point. Sometimes I would think "why bother eating 3 if I'm not going to get the point?" but three is better than none. No weight lost or gained. Points are 64 and that's with my 5 point bonus for paying on time.

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