Sunday, January 2, 2011


Okay, this post includes three things:

- A clarification on one rule;
- A modification to one rule;
- A list of participants thus far.

If you are fasting as a part of the LDS church's Fast Sundays you can give yourself a point for not skipping meals since it is a religious observance. (Mind you, you're still accountable to get your veggies and water in regardless of eating less meals.) And as for religious observances, I'm going to give you an out for exercising on Sundays should you feel it violates keeping the Sabbath Day holy. I haven't worried about this in the past, but since the last challenge's winner was decided by only three points, I don't want to give an unfair advantage to those who exercise on Sundays vs. those who don't feel like it's in line with their Sabbath activities. So for Sundays (and Sundays only), you can exchange the exercise requirement with an act of service. This act of service has to be one that takes 30+ minutes as would the exercise, and it's once again in your hands to determine what you honestly believe should count.

Now on to the list of participants as of Sunday night at 6:28 p.m. MST:
- Kari Nitzel
- Melissa Laing
- Cheryl Crawford*
- Dawn Rokovitz*
- Denise Brown
- Leslie Hendricksen
- Leah Lau
- Heather Sykes
- Jessica Cox
- Wilhemina Krutsch
- Kris Lawler*
- Holly Barney*
- Wendy Patterson*
- Katee Westover
- Emmy Gongora
- Barbara Griffin
- Jen Hoisington
- Candace Wilson

* Already paid

Remember you have two weeks to pay to get your bonus points. Please let me know if you have any additional questions. Let the challenge begin!!! (after I eat a bowl of ice-cream, that is ... ;)


  1. Sorry due to monetary circumstances I will not be able to participate in this challenge. Again, I'm sorry and good luck everyone!

  2. Lee Rittinger and Marilee Gillins are also in. :)

  3. Are we supposed to post anything today (Monday)?

  4. Nope, not today. But don't forget to get your starting weight. Although I would love everyone to post an introduction even though it's not worth a point.

  5. Jen Oliver is in, too. Any others???

  6. My sister-in-law Rebecca says she's in too. I gave her your address and told her to comment here. Also, my mom's friend Bonnie is in too--she said she'd mail you $ and I'm sending her links/instructions to post a comment and have you set her up. Yay! The more the monier, I mean merrier!

  7. Denise, is it too late for me to join? My sis-in-law (Jen Hoisington) has told me all about the challenge. I could really use the motivation and guidelines if it's okay? I will post my intro. and get you the $.

  8. Yep, this is Bonnie. I am a friend to Jen's mom. I'm very excited to join you. I look forward to the support, the motivation, and to get on track. I want to conquer this battle once and for all. I love the point system you've developed. It is a life-style change for it to be long-lasting. It will bring balance to my life! My dear sister-in-law is signing up too! I am on track today and joining forces with you! Thanks all, I look forward to this and getting to know you better through this Challenge.

  9. A little intro for me is...I live in Utah. I'm a mother of 7 children & soon to be 17 granchildren! They are my life. My youngest just married over Christmas in Seattle. (That did not help my plans for good eating habits at all!) I have worked at my current job as a legal assistant for a little over 3 yrs. I have been divorced for 9 yrs after a 28 yr marriage. I have battled my weight for umpteen years and am so very tired of it! I want it to be over, to live comfortably in this body, slipping on a pair of pants or a shirt and feel comfortable & confident.I'd like to feel thin and healthy. Health is my #1 reason for doing this. I'm 56 yrs old for heaven's sakes! I have a wonderful life with wonderful children & friends. There is much of living to do & I want to enjoy it feeling good. Thanks for listening, and I am grateful for this chance to work with you on this common goal! :)