Monday, January 17, 2011

Week Two and counting

Well I already blew it, I wanted to get a perfect score every week but I didn't this week, I lost most of my points on Friday when my husband and I went on a date (which is rare this days). I decided to eat the popcorn at the movie, then we did not get sat at the restaurant until 7:50, so you know I ate after 8. Oh well it was nice to be on a date. I am really enjoying the fruit and veggies thing. I never noticed before how little I ate. Someone last week asked for exercise suggestions in the cold. If you are LDS and live close to the church you can start a mom and tot exercise group. We do that here. We all meet at the church (we do it Tues and Thurs) the kids play while we either walk the halls or work out to an exercise tape. My kids love it and ask every morning if it is time to go "workout at the church house". The key is to have two or three people in the group that have access to keys.
I am doing the same thing I did before where I am stuck at a certain weight (the same weight for months now), one week I lose a lb and the next week I gain it back. It is really frustrating considering I am working out at least an hour everyday. So I did not get a pt for weight loss this week which puts my points at for 67 the week.

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