Monday, January 3, 2011


So although it's not worth a point, I'd love for everyone to post an introduction. Oh, and please don't forget to weigh yourself today so you have a starting weight to know next Monday whether or not you lost during the week.

I'm Denise and I'm the one who hijacked this blog to start fitness challenges. Funny enough I don't think the originator is going to join us ... unless I can harass her into it. (Yes, Gwen, if you're reading this you know I'm gonna harass you!)

Anyway, here's some info about me. I've been overweight as long as I can remember. I feel grateful beyond measure to have a wonderful man who saw through that to marry me anyway. I have been blessed with five wonderful children, and most of us know what pregnancy and childbirth does to bodies! :) And all four pregnancies (one child is adopted), probably because of my weight, I have had gestational diabetes. I'm imagining that's the beginning of my health problems if I don't whip this in the bud.

During the last challenge I did pretty well -- even though I wasn't doing my BEST I still lost about 12 pounds. In fact, Leslie took this picture of me, and it was the first time in a while that I didn't cringe at a picture of myself:

FYI, I'm not the crazy lady holding the huge tarantula, I'm the one behind the camera. Oh, and Leslie wasn't truly taking a picture of ME, I think she was trying to get the crazy lady and tarantula. And to be fair, I guess that lady wasn't REALLY crazy, just holding a tarantula. Ew. But I digress ...

Anyway, during the last challenge I felt great and want to get back to that. I was lazy and careless and therefore gained back a few pounds during the holidays (I'm at 224 to begin this challenge). I'd like to get rid of those pounds and more. I'd also like to feel MORE comfortable wearing XL shirts, which I hadn't done until the previous two challenges.

So, that's a little about me. What's your story?


  1. Denise - next Monday, will we give ourselves a point for posting today or not?

  2. I love that you put a picture of yourself up that you LIKE! Wahoo!

  3. No point for today's posting. Today's is optional and sans points.

  4. Okay, so I don't understand how to post like the other women did.... cause I'm just so computer savy ;-) Good to know about not getting points for today, I was going to ask. I am Denise's friend from Seattle, and had a baby 4 months ago so there's some fat that needs to leave my body. I am so excited about this. I like how it focuses on all aspects of being healthy and not just losing pounds.