Monday, January 31, 2011

week 4 Dawn

Greetings from Florida. I'm with my sister, Cheryl, this week. Saturday was my niece's 4th birthday and she had an inflatable bounce house for the party. We had it an hour before and an hour after the kids came. Guess who bounced her legs off in the bounce house with her 4 year old niece? I got a ton of exercise in that day and was worn out. That night, no sleep was had waiting for my sister while in the ER. Jen, Cheryl made your smoothie and let me have some. I'll have to admit, when I read the ingredients, I wasn't going to make it. I couldn't imagine a smoothie with spinich in it. But after I had some and told Cheryl it was good, she told me it was your recipe. I'll be making that when I get home. My service was taking care of little Brooke while Cheryl was feeling awful Sunday. Not sure how my weight really is this week since I'm weighing on Cheryl's scale and not being able to weigh first thing in the morning. The stinkin scale said I was up 1.3. I hope it's lying. So, no point for weight loss but my clothes feel looser. We'll see what it says next week when it's my own scale. Points are 67.

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