Monday, January 3, 2011


I'm Cheryl Crawford (AKA Dawn's little sister). I've never really had a need to loose weight, but two babies later I do. I don't do well at it on my own because I'm used to eating what I want. I work at home which allows me to wear "comfy" clothes (all stretchy). So when my belly expands, I'm still comfy...until I get dressed for the outdoors. I'd like to loose about 20 lbs and I think I'd be happy with that - we'll see. I like the idea of this challenge as it gives me someone to report to each week. So far so good today (however I really would like one of those cup cakes sitting on my counter top right now that we made last night with our almost 4 year old). I have NOT eaten one and I WILL NOT eat one!!! Looking forward to this exciting challenge.

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  1. No point for today's posting. Cupcakes are gross. Remind yourself of that until they're gone. ;)