Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Claudia's Check-in

I'm back for another go around. I participated in the Fall challenge and did really well. I lost 16 lbs. It was so nice to have loose pants and skirts again and feel more comfortable in my clothes. I did get a bit out of control during the holidays and gained 3 lbs. back. But, I find that once I get in in the groove, I do really well. The exercise is the hardest for me, now that it's cold and snowy outside. The treadmill isn't nearly as much fun as walking the neighborhood or downtown on Temple Square with the flowers blooming and the fountains flowing...ah! Back to reality! I really am grateful that my daughter Jen got me involved in the challenge. I'm a size 18 now, but I can see my way back to a size 10-12 in time for my 50th class reunion in 2013. That's the goal and I'm going for it!

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