Monday, January 10, 2011

Pauline -Yahoo for week one!

I feel so good! I always eat plenty of fruits and veggies but my biggest problem is the "sweet tooth". I feel like I am living to eat instead of eating to live some days, so I hope that I can continue to make life changing habits. I want to take care of my body in every way. I love this point system and the accountability it gives me. My total points are 75. I missed 2 points, 1 for a day of no exercise and 1 for eating dinner after 8:00. ( I added the 5 points for paying on time and 1 point for blogging.) The bonus, in addition to feeling so much better without the sugar "fix", is that my scales show a loss of 6 pounds. Onward and forward, no looking back, those pounds are staying off and hopefully more will join them!!! Remember: "Nothing tastes as good as thin feels"!!!!! Thanks to everyone for sharing your thoughts. Have a great week!

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